Round Square Triangle & card

Startup to Sold out in 3 days

Just 3 days after the 30 minute startup I’ve sold all the round square triangles I had. The community has been amazing. Yesterday I spent all day working on tools to improve the process of making round square triangles. I’ve cut the time to make it in half but still can improve a lot. The Jackson Makerspace has everything I need to grow this fledgling manufacturing business.

Round Square Triangle Card

30 Minute Startup

Why aren’t all the amazing solutions in use? There are countless technologies that can improve life for everyone but these potential revolutionary innovations sit for years and even decades. Why does that happen? Will In China @bkawk and I were talking about this on at 4 am Monday morning. We decided that many times it is just laziness. I confessed I had something sitting not getting done. My little 3D math demonstration. Will said “I’m sick of seeing you demo it. You have 30 minutes to put up a website to start selling them. I’ll make the HTML, you take two photos and post it. It will be crappy but it will be a start.” I accepted his 30 minute challenge and had an online store up in 30 minutes. Will then further stoked the fire he lit under my butt by inviting other Blabbers to review it and contribute. Suddenly I had dozens of people providing great feedback and even help build the site. After multiple iterations that day we had an OK website, a great logo (thanks Jens), and best of all SALES!!!. Yes, this 30 minute Startup challenge had sales, real paying customers. My little demo was an actual business with revenue. As soon as those customers get their Round Square Triangles in the mail, they can start spreading the idea of learning Science Technology, Engineering, & Math by doing.