Seemingly unsolvable, solved.

Can you imagine a single solid object that is simultaneously a Circle, a Square, and a Triangle without altering its form in any way?
Round Square Triangle Card

Everyone knows you can’t put a square peg in a round hole. If you throw a triangle into the mix it’s just ridiculous.

This circle obviously won’t fit though the triangle, and the triangle won’t fit through the circle, and the square won’t fit through either the circle or the triangle.  What if I told you I have one single object that is a round square triangle. It is a circle. It perfectly fits the circle while going all the way through, and it is a triangle it goes all the way through touching all three sides, and it is square touching all four sides as it goes all the way through.

Here it is a Round Square Triangle

Round Square Triangle Dimensions
This Brain Teaser is designed to be easy to carry in your pocket. You get a 3/4 inches Round Square Triangle plus a wooden, laser cut business card so you can replicate this demonstration for friends and family.
Seeing shapes this way leads to interesting conversations as a brain teaser should. Discussions about this odd but simple thought provoking design can cause you to rethink prior concepts about physics, mathematics and other ideas you were led to believe were true. Obviously we don’t mean to tear your world apart or cause you to spend weeks obsessing over the meaning of life, but hey, a little critical thinking hasn’t hurt anyone. Who knows, maybe you really can beat gravity to slam dunk at your next neighborhood game or finish that time machine that’s been sitting in your garage allowing you to travel back in time…

Promote STEM learning

Part of the proceeds go to enhancing Jackson Makerspace STEM learning by doing program. When you can see, touch, and do it yourself science, technology, engineering, & math are more fun and easy to understand.

Stay tuned, were just getting started at making the impossible a reality ! 

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